IamBaller.com : The introduction

Posted: 2013/07/13 in News
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The website www.iamballer.com had celebrated its launch on June 30th 2013, and invites you into its Basketball Freestyle world!

What is Basketball Freestyle ?

Simply free expression with a basketball, giving birth to the craziest combos! Freestylers invente original moves day by day, improve performance and even create characters! This interactive discipline has the advantage of touching the spectators because it is a balance between art and sport, between style and performance.

You can see today, acrobatics, dance, choreographies with balls of the futuristic design. colorful and even class. On all kind of places and any location, the freestylers express themselves through videos, meetings, competitions and artistic shows, this discipline has gone from strength to strength in recent years at the internationalscale !

All about Basketball Freestyle

IamBaller offers you to discover the discipline and learn the moves through tutorials, but also to follow the latest news, as well as to discover the discipline actors, several groups and their stories in several different countries. Videos are available with reports, concept videos or crazy actions mix!

Basketball player or not? So what?

Even though you are not skilled in basketball, you can learn Freestyle moves to share an expertise and meet beautiful people, or even to simply impress your friends! Then, why not becoming one day a champion with the unique style, this discipline requires only a ball and imagination… The basketball players, can improve their ball touch and bluff their Defender, finally we have all to gain !

The most spectacular Competitions !

IamBaller is developing competitions and support several of them in the world! Summaries, videos and announcements will be made regularly on the website. Mainly in the form of battle* with judges, it is interesting to see several styles to confront, with competitors coming up with new gestures to win the competition!

** Battle : Theatrical confrontation between two persons or two groups running each turn a passage trying to do better than the opponent(s). The judges determine who made the best performance.

A Dream Team

IamBaller has representatives of the highest level, the “IamBaller All stars” from France to Japan via Africa and the rest of the world. They carry the message of the Ballers.

Are you a Baller ?

The basic principle of the Ballers is human sharing, with a know-how and a smile you can speak all the languages of the world!

Freestyle can create ties and make you live unforgettable moments, as you may make live to others! This is why the Ballers are involved in the humanitarian issues by going to hospitals and victims of Fukushima plant, to share a good moment and Marvel humbly several people. Be a baller is also a fight against yourself, with just a ball you can teach skills and create something unique. We learn to be better and to share it. It does not necessarily need to be Freestyler to adopt the philosophy. IamBaller was founded to promote this message.

Special Thanks to @MoveMasta

Sources : www.iamballer.com



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