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In this special column I invite you to know more about a legendary team. Do you know  the famous Harlem Globetrotters ?


The Harlem Globetrotters doubtlessly have brought to the basketball the spectacular and entertaining side. Real ambassadors of the basketball they toured all over the world. They amazed millions of fans worldwide. They are today the reference in the basketball creation .

More than a basketball team, they broke social and cultural barriers by bringing to thousands of spectators their first basketball experiences.

The time of an article, I send my best tributes to the Harlem Globe Trotters. I invite you to look some videos of the Globies if you want to enjoy their game.

By Guillaume Filoche aka PistoleGuite

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Budapest, Hungary 23 Mars 2010-

Rocket Rivers player of the Harlem Globe Trotters in demonstration in the Papp Laszlo Sport Arena


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It is a basketball team of the United States that perform during exhibition games by combining artistic and athletic performances.

The adventure begins in 1926 in Chicago when the team, exclusively consists of black players, rejected from the major leagues of the country.

They make their big debuts in the Negro American Legion League, a semi-professional minor league exclusively reserved for the Afro-American players, under the name of “Savoy Big Five”, in reference to Savoy Ballroom of Chicago. The same year, the promoter Abe Saperstein buys the club, he renamed it the Harlem Globetrotters.

Originally, the Globetrotters had a competitive level and play basketball seriously

In 1939, they offered to the public farcical jokes in parallel of the game. The public was under the charm and asked for more. As they were not affiliated to any recognized league, they had to attract the public and have to face the other teams.

It is in Savoy Ballroom that their legend began at the beginning of the 1920s.


Wilt Chamberlain, only player to have registered 100 points in a single NBA game during the 1962 season was a member of the Harlem Globe Trotters from 1957 till 1959. He is the man of a lot a records in the NBA ! For example he’s the best rookie with a 58 point performance. And he scored  an impressive total of 4029 pts during a sole season. Wilt is 4th in the list of  all time point leaders with 31 419 units. Kobe Bryant  behind his 30 726 points,should outscore him in a few games.

Points Leaders in NBA
1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2 Karl Malone 36,928
3 Michael Jordan 32,292
4 Wilt Chamberlain 31,419
5 KOBE BRYANT 30,726

wilt chamberlain

The Harlem Globetrotters players are in great demand to make know the young NBA created in the 1950s, new league stemming from the gathering of the best get to join forces of that time.

Most agreed and choose to join the new league: the National Basketball Association. However, the Trotters are victims of hypermediatization which they conveyed up to there to the black players.

The team becomes less strong sportilvely because of the development of the NBA but stronger artistically. From then on they begin to perform beyond the American territories and conceived in 1951 the biggest world tour never realized for a basketball team with in 108 exhibition games. A record.

In 1958, the superstar Wilt Chamberlain was invited to a tour in the USSR with the Harlem Globetrotters just before joining the prestigious NBA. The media and the cinema seized the phenomenon.

Movies are also of the honor for the Globies.

In 1954, Sidney Poitier, first black actor to receive an Oscar in 1964, plays in Go, Man, Go, where he interpreted the role of a Globetrotter player .

Also first team to hire a woman in its roster, the Globetrotters broke little by little all the social and cultural codes of that time.

Since then, they appeared in episodes such as the Simpsons, Futurama.


Their world performances amaze the public, and their sports performances are incredible. They buckled the 1934 year with an extraordinary balance sheet of 152 victories for 2 defeats.

During the 1940s, the Globetrotters continues to excel in the game. They dominated and crushed all their opponents.

Their technical opportunities urged them to propose on the playground more and more gags in particular by Reece ” Goose ” Tatum, big comedian and virtuoso of the ball. Their fate is definitively going to fall over in 1948 and 1949, when they brought down twice the Lakers of Minneapolis of the big pivot George Mikan first star of the NBA, coached by the young coach John Kundla who led the Lakers to five titles in a row. The Lakers consisted in that time only of white players, as the majority of the teams of the league. The latter were the tops of the bill of the NBA.


These remarkable successes established a big upheaval. It was an historic moment for the black American people. One year later, in 1950, the NBA opened its doors to the black players’ .Earl Lloyd became in particular the first afro – American player to join the League. Moreover Nathaniel Sweetwater Clifton player of the Globetrotters, became the first player Afro-American to sign a contract with the New York Knicks NBA team.

The Harlem Globbe Trotters changed the face of America’s basketball.

If the Harlem Globetrotters are ” a global brand ” today, their fate gets involved in  the United States and the Afro-American community a lot. The Harlem Globetrotters are the first team to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the 1950s.


It is in the biggest arenas of the world that the Harlem Globe Trotters perform today. Their program is well grounded: thunderous dunks, gags like a troop of circus, interaction with the public, the referee and the opponents are also members of the show. The Harlem Globetrotters apply an explosive formula which makes their reputation for more than eighty years by mixing skillfully jokes and masterly athletic movements.

George Eddy, the voice of the basketball in France saw his first basketball match at 6 years old by looking an Harlem Globetrotters game in front of a black and white television. Their story continues to spell with the biggest personalities of the world. They exchanged some baskets in the White House with Barack Obama during the traditional ” Easter Egg Roll ” of the weekend of Easter. John-Paul II, Nelson Mandela, or Henry Kissinger have seen Globies’ tricks.

Since their creation in 1926, they performed in more than 20 000 games, played in 120 countries on 6 continents and in front of more than 130 million spectators.

Abe Saperstein and the first Trotters in the 1920s


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To know more about black pioneers  ! I invite you to read a very good book of Ron Thomas called ” They Cleared the Lane “



The Oracle Arena saw an another epic game this night.

Stephen Curry, dropped 31 points and secured an important steal in the final seconds to help Warriors to outduel league leading Oklahoma City Thunder.

The point guard of Oakland displayed an All-Star performance. He was 8-for-13 from inside the arc and handed out seven assists to offer easy baskets.  We just can point out his performance by his clumsiness at three-points. He was just 3-for-14.

” I’m sure we are surprising people ” stated Curry. He’s right !  Expectations for Golden State were low at the beginning of the season.

Warriors , behind only one playoff  ticket since 1994, are 26-15 owning the fifth best record in the toughest conference.

Warriors moved to a 26-15 record after 41 games. This season Dubs are excellent , able to beat elite teams. That’s the franchise’s best first half record since 1991-1992 with the TMC connexion. Memories, memories. Warriors are making a tremendous all-around production.

Their impressive run is marked by surprising home victories against top western teams such as  Clippers and Thunder.

Warriors rely on a fascinating man ! His name is David Lee. Golden State forward is a serious contender to be among the Western Conference All-Star reservers. Coaches are making their choices ! Don’t forget Lee !

David is the only player to average at least 19 pts , 10 rebs and 3 dimes per night. On Wednesday, he chipped in 22 points and pulled down 12 boards for his league 17th game of at least 20 and 10. A monster double double machine is rolling !

Kevin Durant made a fantastic game but was not enough to stop Warriors. He tailed 33 points , dished out 9 dimes. His impact was limited by six turnovers , part of 19 on the night for the visitors.

The other guerilla  weapon was rusty. R.Westbrook was not on his game ! His arms were shaky ! He collected a season low tying just 10 units. Is Westbrook slowing down ? The motion needs to pay attention. Because Thunder clearly  need a complement to help Westbrook in point guard position when he is in pain with outside shoot.

Warriors broke a serious record this night ! This was first Thunder defeat in 30 games when Thunder led after three acts.

Indeed, Thunder led the game 79-76. To break Thunder’s hegemony, Golden State made a tough final corner to outscore Thunder by 8, passing a team high quarter game of 28.  Stephen Curry was the game changer to make the final decision.

This intense contest was high in colours , we have seen 19 changes of leader, 16 ties ,and no leads above double digits figures.

A closed game won by home team.



Kevin’s 32  points carried the Thunder over Clippers in the matchup of the West Conference while “supersonic” point guard R. Westbrook added 26 to help the franchise player. Thunder won 109-97 vs Clippers.

The quotation :

“We’ve got 82 games and we want to play well every night,” “We don’t put more emphasis on any one game. We know the Clippers are one of the best teams, and with Chris Paul in or out, they’ve still got a great team.” Thunder coach Scott Brooks stated.

The stat :

The stat of the game was in favor of Thunder’s offense.

Indeed, Thunder did an outstanding job with game changers called triples.

With 15-for-27 from deep , they connected  their best triple since they moved to Oklahoma City in 2008.  In their best season , they were 11-for-23 from long-range in their 53 minutes exhausting contest where they finally ran over Clippers 117-111 at home on November 21, 2012.

The player of the night :

In his last contest VS Clippers, Durant poured in 35 units and was pretty clumsy.

He was below  the 40% mark from the field including a bad 2-for-6 from 3’s.

Also , Kevin Durant scored 37 points, making 20-of-21 free throws in this intense duel between the two best Nord-West Division teams.

This night he was terrific and accurate.

He sank 5-for-6 behind the arc whereas he produced a 30% “paper”  in the last game  against Denver  on 1/20/13 at  Pepsi Center .

He dropped a game high with 32 points and reach the first the 1200 points plateau.

Denver scenario was an accident :

The Thunder fell to 10-1 on the season when Durant scores 35-or-more points. It means that Thunder underwent their first loss of the season while KD dropping 35-or-more points.

Denver was at the top his game with 121 points and improved an amazing 16-3 home record with this win vs Thunder.

Durant , with a best focus, was better and scored 32 units whom 24 in the second half to lift his team to collect a big win.

At Staples Center behind a crowd of 19,451  spectators  he showed why he is an elite rare player in the NBA.

He was able to play his best basketball with such an unusual capacity to drop shoots after shoots without feeling shaking hands.

Durant’s big production since the new year :

In January he is producing an elite 32.3 points per game. Behind this constant prolific production Durant is the first player to reach the 1200 points plateau.

Now, he is 1241 points outpacing Kobe Bryant who is under 1200 with 1199. He’s on the top with 29.5 ppg.

During this span, Durant tailed a career-best 52 points during the Thunder’s victory over Dallas on Jan. 18 where he likes shinning !

In the game, Durant went a perfect 21-of-21 from the free throw line (tied for second best free throw shooting performance in NBA history; Dominique Wilkins went 23-of-23 in 1992) The “ highlight machine man “ made his reputation by his capacity to rise above the rim, but was an elite accurate  player in free throw line.

Kevin Durant increased his production to finally surpass Kobe Bryant thanks to a good January month.

By Month
















































Pre All-Star












Kevin Durant wants to pull down a championship trophy and hope to win a four straight  scoring title to stun other competitors and legends to force admiration in the pursuit of the happiness.

This matchup between the league’s two best teams was highlighted by the tough duel between the two best scorers in the game called B.Griffin and K.Durant.

A duel between B.Griffin and K.Durant :

In this game, B Griffin exploded for 31 points, and was shortly outdueled by K.Durant who collected 32 points .

Audience and broadcasters would keep in mind that Thunder is better than Clippers this  regular season. Postseason remains an other business for Viny Del Negro and his duds.

The  great absent of the game :

Chris Paul missed the game due to a painful bruised right kneecap. We hope to see him running the floor very soon.  If Chris Paul has played this game , we would have seen another story ! Don’t you think ? In my eyes, the doubt does not exist !

Chemistry I ask ! :

Sharing the ball was the biggest issue of the home team this night. Chris Paul is the top player in assists for Clippers.

Indeed , Clippers , the home team  , were unselfish with ball, they were outscored by 9 dimes , finishing with only 15 , not enough to matchup marvelous Thunder.

Kevin Durant and Co finished the game with 24 assists enough to make the difference and create easy baskets to take the lead.

A fever third quarter for visitors :

Thunder found their path in the third quarter outscoring Clippers by 10 scoring a  quarter high of 33 units to destroy the Clippers fighting spirit. They made the difference in this act.

Notable :

Thunder skillfully succeeded  to hold famished Clippers under 100 points.

Thunder are now 29-2 when they scored 100 points or more.

Thunder are 33-9 and remains the only team in the NBA under 10 losses. And the worst is Cavs which underwent 32 defeats.

Now , Thunder tied San Antonio  with 33 wins.

Moreover, Thunder are 18-7 against teams collecting more victories than losses.

A key stat to show how Thunder is playing  focusing games against the best teams in the league.

Center cured Dwight Howard  powered Lakers to end 6-game losing streak

The fact of the game :

Dwight Howard came at arena expecting to sit out another game because of his painful shoulder. But He was on the lineup.

He helped the Los Angeles Lakers to stop their longest losing streak in nearly six years. A relief for Lakers fan

Double Double Machine  did well the job :

Howard tailed a monster double double with 22 points and  14  rebounds in his return.

The Lakers ended their six-game losing streak with a 113-93 win over the leaderless team Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday night.

Bryant’s barometer is working

Kobe Bryant the best scorer in the league ,chipped in 23 points for the Lakers, who collected their first victory of  new year while ending their longest losing streak since February 2007.


In Wins 16 36.7 .475 5.6 6.0 0.2 1.4 2.7 25.9
In Losses 21 40.2 .475 4.6 3.9 0.3 1.6 2.7 32.9

In this contest , Bryants scored less than 30 points and handed out 6 assists. Figures explain for a while Laker’s trends : If your are reluctant to trust these fantasy figures ! Don’t read notes of the game because figures are the essence of data collectors and coachs are even juggling with  keys figures to be more efficient and earn wins. Stats  talk in basketball !

Good :

Nash sank three free throws, going to a perfect 18 for 18 this season and increasing his minuscule lead on Mark Price for the best free throw percentage in NBA history.

Bad :

The Lakers topped the Cavs with an impressive total of 22 turnovers, including 18 by their starting lineup.

Dwight with 7 was pretty careless with the ball.

Player of the game : Howard

Howard with safe shoots went 9 for 11 despite his torn labrum while leading Los Angeles to an easy victory over the lowly Cavaliers, who topped the Lakers last month with a huge Kile Irving scoring 28 points and handing out 11 assists to a 100-94.

Nash played an other structured game with 10 points and nine clever assists  to rule the game.

The Lakers’s win relied on their good defensive effort, and Bryant showed the way with a tough defensive strain vs the awful Cavs.

Point guards Irving and Dion Waiters recorded both 15 points apiece for Cleveland, which has dropped seven of nine.

Alonzo Gee added 14 points for the Cavaliers, who were led by 19 points in the first quarter.

Cleveland (9-30) is barely ahead of Washington (6-28) for the NBA’s worst record.

The stat of the game :

The Lakers went 13 for 25 in deep range and collected a season high  58.0% from the floor handing out 32 assists to ruin Cavs.


West’ first triple double career powered  Pacers to a win 96-88 vs Bobcats

Playing without their best offensive player , Paul George , Indiana was looking for offensives answers.

Indeed, their low-scoring game 98 vs hopeless Charlotte Bobcats appeared surely while on the opening act Pacers were clumsy and missed their first ten shoots of the game.

After a slow first half, Indiana was better on the second half with 53 points while Charlotte scored only 43 points whom 20 in the third corner.

George Hill dropped 19 points , DJ Augustin added a season high 18 and Indiana topped the Bobcats for a fourth straight win.:


David West  a former all-star with a new balanced performance behind his first triple double in his career was pretty efficient. He tailed 14 points , 12 rebounds and handed out a career high 10 assists. He was everywhere on the court playing with a high basketball IQ.

He was the overwhelming player to stretch score and defense because he offered 26 points for his teammates because of West’s 10 assists, six came on 3-pointers who literally means 18 points in the bank if you pay attention a couple of second.

His only bad performance was prehaps his four turnovers but for the rest he was amazing. He finished with a ration of 2,5 assists per turnover an excellent ratio for a big man.


Ben Gordon scored 21 off the bench to lead Charlotte (9-27), which lost for the 22nd time in 24 games, while Kemba Walker contributed for 16.

TURNING POINT: Charlotte led 10-1 in the first period but after Pacers found way in defense and cleaned the glass with  17 offensives rebounds. Roy Hibbert with 8 offensives rebounds collected almost  the total of Charlotte who finished with 9

Pacers outrebounded Charlotte 48-38.

Pacers have won eight of their last 10 games and are 21-14 now.At the final they were under 100 points for the seven time in seven contest but win is more important than points.

According to a survey made by Pacers are a serious team in post season ! Look the votes now !

Once healthy, how far can the Pacers go this season?

  • First-round playoff exit 35k
  • East semifinals 71k
  • East finals 24k
  • NBA Finals 5k
  • NBA champions 9 K


“They were doubling David just about every time he touched the ball and we knew that would open up some things for our 3-point shooters.”
— Indiana coach Frank Vogel.

“I’ve been close to a triple-double a bunch of times and finally pushed it through tonight.”
— West.

THE STAT WAS FOR WEST : Of West’s 10 assists, six came on 3-pointers.


 On November 7th 2012 , the Pistons frontcourt player G.Monroe scored 21 points on 8-15 shooting, grabbed 12 rebounds, and handed out a career-high 11 assists.

He posted the first triple double in the 2012-2013 season.

Monroe was also 5-7 from the free throw line and even added a steal to the stat sheet. In terms of fantasy basketball, Monroe is proving to be the lone star on a lousy Pistons team and owners are benefiting greatly from it.

Greg Monroe became the first player on the Pistons to record a triple-double since Chauncey Billups accomplished the feat way back in 2004.

Picture from Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

This was the first triple-double by a Pistons center since Ben Wallace recorded one back in 2002 against the Miami Heat with 12 points, 19 rebounds, and 10 blocks.

16 triples doubles are in the books now for lovers of fantasy basketball

R. Rondo and Spanish  point guard Calderon pace the league with two

6 triple doubles were dropped by point guard , the best position in my eyes to have double digits in basketball , because you can share the ball , but you have to be healthy and clever to take advantage of the glass when big guys are roaring.

Since 1999-2000, the NBA has seen 34,5 triple-doubles by season , or 1 every 36 games !

The 11-12 season does not count because of the cut of the calendar because of the strike.

Jason Kidd stays today the best in this art with 107 triples double collected in regular games.

Oscar Robertson is the first with 181, Magic Johnson owned 138.

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd can at ease share the ball, score and collect rebounds to reach double digit in these three main fields to help the team to win a game.

A triple-double is  a tough indication of an excellent all-around individual performance during a game.

To make a jump trough the long story of the NBA, Dolph Schayes might have registered the first triple double in 1951 on February 8 behind 18 points22 rebounds and 13 assists according to the Harvey J. Pollack NBA Statistical Yearbook.


Point Guard Chris Paul dropped 19 points and  handed out 16 assists, and the Los Angeles Clippers topped the answerless Dallas Mavericks 99-93 on Wednesday matchup, extending their franchise-record home winning streak to 13 wins.

Matt Barnes “the slashing man” with many tattoos exploded for 19 points from the bench, and  the strong Blake Griffin had a  solid double double with 15 points and 13 boards for the powerful Clippers (29-8), who stole the position of the NBA’s best record from the runner-up Oklahoma City.

Darren Collison collected 22 points for Dallas. O.J. Mayo added 17 and german Dirk Nowitzki chipped in 15.

Now at 13-23, the Mavs slid 10 games below the balance of .050 for the first time since March 30, 2000, two months after  maverick Mark Cuban owned the team.

They’ve dropped four in a row and three straight on the road, where they are 5-16. Dallas is desperately falling down !

The team has been looking for an angular stone in the paint since Tyson Chandler was sent to New York Knicks to make the dirty job.

The Clippers was ahead  of  the whole first half, trailed by 10 points in third quarter and then retook the control of the game for the first time in the fourth on Paul’s skilled theft  and then he dropped an easy layup that made it 82-80 advantage for home team.

Then,Clippers were never rejoined by Mavs.