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West’ first triple double career powered  Pacers to a win 96-88 vs Bobcats

Playing without their best offensive player , Paul George , Indiana was looking for offensives answers.

Indeed, their low-scoring game 98 vs hopeless Charlotte Bobcats appeared surely while on the opening act Pacers were clumsy and missed their first ten shoots of the game.

After a slow first half, Indiana was better on the second half with 53 points while Charlotte scored only 43 points whom 20 in the third corner.

George Hill dropped 19 points , DJ Augustin added a season high 18 and Indiana topped the Bobcats for a fourth straight win.:


David West  a former all-star with a new balanced performance behind his first triple double in his career was pretty efficient. He tailed 14 points , 12 rebounds and handed out a career high 10 assists. He was everywhere on the court playing with a high basketball IQ.

He was the overwhelming player to stretch score and defense because he offered 26 points for his teammates because of West’s 10 assists, six came on 3-pointers who literally means 18 points in the bank if you pay attention a couple of second.

His only bad performance was prehaps his four turnovers but for the rest he was amazing. He finished with a ration of 2,5 assists per turnover an excellent ratio for a big man.


Ben Gordon scored 21 off the bench to lead Charlotte (9-27), which lost for the 22nd time in 24 games, while Kemba Walker contributed for 16.

TURNING POINT: Charlotte led 10-1 in the first period but after Pacers found way in defense and cleaned the glass with  17 offensives rebounds. Roy Hibbert with 8 offensives rebounds collected almost  the total of Charlotte who finished with 9

Pacers outrebounded Charlotte 48-38.

Pacers have won eight of their last 10 games and are 21-14 now.At the final they were under 100 points for the seven time in seven contest but win is more important than points.

According to a survey made by Pacers are a serious team in post season ! Look the votes now !

Once healthy, how far can the Pacers go this season?

  • First-round playoff exit 35k
  • East semifinals 71k
  • East finals 24k
  • NBA Finals 5k
  • NBA champions 9 K


“They were doubling David just about every time he touched the ball and we knew that would open up some things for our 3-point shooters.”
— Indiana coach Frank Vogel.

“I’ve been close to a triple-double a bunch of times and finally pushed it through tonight.”
— West.

THE STAT WAS FOR WEST : Of West’s 10 assists, six came on 3-pointers.


Jamal Crawford is absolutely amazing in the final quarter

Outstanding clutched attitude

The allaround scorer of the Los Angeles Clippers emerges as the cluchest player in the league with 7.9 points per game in the final 12 minutes. This added value is very crucial to lead the organisation to the win. Every team needs to have a Jamal Crawford.

To reinforce the power of this such smart player  Crawford also extended his league lead of 20-point games off the bench to 10. No other reserve in the league has more than five. The Clippers are 8-2 when Crawford scores at least 20 points.

Defense needs to target this weapon to top Clippers.

The fourth quarter is his private ground

J.Crawford came into the arena toping the league in fourth-quarter scoring at 7.9 points a game, ahead of both franchise player Kevin Durant of the Thunder (7.7) and Kobe Bryant of the Lakers (7.5). In his last contest Jamal Crawford registered 13 of his 21 points in the final 12 minutes to trounce Suns.

Similar to J.Harden ?

Today, the hungry guard J.Crawford  who averages 17.9 pg in 29.2 minutes is very efficient. If he continues to maintain this level in his offensive performances , sure he will be elected the 2013 NBA Sixth Man of the Year for the second time in his rich career . He already passed the 12,000-point milestone.

Last season James Harden with 16.8 pg in 31.4 minutes, who came also of the bench was pretty good , was the happy winner.Obviously with his current offensive performances  J.Crawford has the same trajectory than the beard man.

X factor : J. Crawford was the winner of this award in 2009/2010 with Atlanta Hawks with 18 pg in 31.1 minutes.


Year-by-year list of the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award winners since  the 1982-83 season.

Year Player Team
2011-12 James Harden Oklahoma City Thunder
2010-11 Lamar Odom Los Angeles Lakers
2009-10 Jamal Crawford * Atlanta Hawks
2008-09 Jason Terry Dallas Mavericks
2007-08 Manu Ginobili San Antonio Spurs
2006-07 Leandro Barbosa Phoenix Suns
2005-06 Mike Miller Memphis Grizzlies
2004-05 Ben Gordon Chicago Bulls
2003-04 Antawn Jamison Dallas Mavericks
2002-03 Bobby Jackson Sacramento Kings
2001-02 Corliss Williamson Detroit Pistons
2000-01 Aaron McKie Philadelphia 76ers
1999-00 Rodney Rogers Phoenix Suns
1998-99 Darrell Armstrong Orlando Magic
1997-98 Danny Manning Phoenix Suns
1996-97 John Starks New York Knicks
1995-96 Toni Kukoc Chicago Bulls
1994-95 Anthony Mason New York Knicks
1993-94 Dell Curry Charlotte Hornets
1992-93 Clifford Robinson Portland Trail Blazers
1991-92 Detlef Schrempf Indiana Pacers
1990-91 Detlef Schrempf Indiana Pacers
1989-90 Ricky Pierce Milwaukee Bucks
1988-89 Eddie Johnson Phoenix Suns
1987-88 Roy Tarpley Dallas Mavericks
1986-87 Ricky Pierce Milwaukee Bucks
1985-86 Bill Walton Boston Celtics
1984-85 Kevin McHale Boston Celtics
1983-84 Kevin McHale Boston Celtics
1982-83 Bobby Jones Philadelphia 76ers

Traduction de l’article en Francais / This is the translation of that article

Est-ce que Jamal Crawford peut obtenir le trophée du meilleur

sixième homme de la saison ?

J. Crawford est actuellement le meilleur scoreur dans le money time qui correspond au 4ème quart-temps avec 7.9 points par match. Il devance les superstars Kobe Bryant (7.5) et Kevin Durant (7.7). Il compte désormais dix matchs à 20 points ou plus, tout en sortant du banc. Aucun autre joueur de la NBA ne semble pouvoir le concurrencer dans ce registre. Le meilleur compte seulement 5 matchs à 20 points et plus. Il suit la trajectoire ascendante du désormais texans James Harden qui avait reçu la récompense avec 16.8 points de moyenne en 31.4 minutes en jouant pour le Thunder.

Actuellement il compile 17.9 points en 29.2 minutes de jeu. Avec déjà plus de 12 000 points en carrière il réalise un très bon début de saison.

Dans le dernier match qu’il a disputé J.Crawford a inscrit 13 de ses 21 points dans le dernier quart temps. Les Clippers ont gagné à 8 reprises en 10 matchs lorsque J. Crawford a scoré au moins 20 points dans le match.  Les défenses sont maintenant prévenues .Lorsque le diable de Crawford sort du banc il faut le cibler pour l’empêcher d’atteindre les 20 points.

lakers organisation

Los Angeles Lakers is 9-10 now and go to  Oklahoma City Thunder 15-4 in order to evaluate the organisation against a potential winner of nba title.

Facts :

Bryant leads the NBA with 28.0 points per contest, but Los Angeles is 1-7 when he scores at least 30.

Durant, who collected 32 pts in Tuesday’s 117-111 victory at Brooklyn, is averaging 26.5. He is the second best in scoring.

Below there are data which explain that basketball is a collective sport.

This season Kobe Bryant scored 532 points , dished out 93 assists and dropped 72 balls.

Game pts/g assists/g turnover/g
19 28 4,9 3,8
Wins 9 22,4 6,7 2,8
Losses 10 33 3,3 4,7

To win Lakers need to share well the ball. In wins Bryant shares more the ball  with 6,7 assists/g  than in losses only 3,3 per game.

Chemistry is the key to have winning streak .