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LeBron And Michael, Together for the best


James during a current 18-0 run is shooting 60.2 % from the floor, while Jordan during his 18-0 run with Bulls netted 50.9 % from the floor ?

So who is the best in shooting skills ?

With the hot Miami Heat topping at ease the Pacers on showcase night, LeBron James matched the longest win streak ever (18) by a team Michael Jordan was on, the 1995-96 Bulls. Here’s at look at each star’s performance during his respective team’s streak.

For lovers of Chicago’s hegemony, Bulls were pretty unbeaten during the 1995-1996 season.

During what a lot Chicago fans call the “perfect season,” Michael Jordan and the Bulls cruised to an NBA record 72 wins during the regular season, a stretch that have seen an exciting 18-game win streak. Weel, do you know the name of the team which decided to stop Bull’s streak ? Do you want a clue ? This team played on Pepsi Center at home …

Jordan and James by figures during their 18 win streak.

Jordan James
W-L 18-0 18-0
PPG 31.2 27.2
RPG 6.8 7.7
APG 3.8 7.4
FG pct. 50.9 60.2
High pts. 48 40
— ESPN Stats & Information

From Elias:

The Heat posted a 18-game win streak into yesterday’s game against the Pacers. A key figure emerges to emphase LeBron James.

LeBron with the new Heat win, has now the longest win streak by a reigning MVP in NBA history.

Longest Win Streak By Reigning MVP – NBA History

2012-13 LeBron James 18

1995-96 David Robinson 17

2006-07 Steve Nash 17

1990-91 Magic Johnson 16

2006-07 Steve Nash 16

That list breaks the house down, does not break it ?

A long road to be the best …

The streak ties the seventh longest in NBA history, and is the league’s best since the Celtic’s Big Four, Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Rondo won 19 straight in November and December 2008.

Well, it’s not a King James winning streak. It’s a Miami Heat winning streak. Chemistry is the key. Yeah, in that game LeBron James was in pain , but he was able to make teammates better. LeBron James had only 13 points on 5-for-10 shooting Sunday. James was primarily being guarded by famished Paul George against whom he went 2-for-5 with two turnovers.

The 13 points were his fewest since February 6, 2011 when he had 12 against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Can we see the end of that impressive streak ?

With the Miami Heat setting a new franchise record for consecutive wins at 15 with their March 4 victory at Minnesota, and extending it to 18 with a March 10 victory vs Pacers . What a tremendous hegemony to top every team !

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The wind city with some of the nation’s toughest, if ineffective guns control laws, got a bit more legislation around a basketball game Tuesday night at United Center, the land of the Chicago Bulls highlighted by Michael Jordan in the 1990’s.

Now, He will not ever use imaginary firearms that he’d been using the past few seasons to celebrate successful  shoots after Friday’s events in Newtown, Conn, which have created chaos and sadness in USA.

Now let’s recap the match.

Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer dropped 21 points apiece, and the Chicago Bulls topped the Boston Celtics 100-89 on Tuesday night in a turmoil situation.

The French Center raised in New York and double Champion NCAA with Gators of Florida posted the second triple-double of his full career against the eternal old foes the Boston Celtics.

He dropped 11 points, pulled down 13 rebounds, his trademark, and was pretty unselfish with 10 assists to offer easy and open baskets for his teammates.

In this game Noah was careful with his outside shoots; he hit four of his seven field goal attempts and was perfect behind the free throw line with three of three. Joakim Noah with a perfect work ethic continues to improve year after year his shooting ability.

Noah was one of the top performers of this classic game against the C’s. Ranjo Rondo the best delivery man in the league with almost 13 assists per game was below of his average. He was limited in this match. He was not able to share the ball like he always did to make Celtics players shine.


Rajon is asking questions about his team and how to pace the game vs Chicago.

He finished with only 8 assists (5 in the first corner and only 3 after the 1st quarter), which is a bad performance to pace Celtics. He collected 26 points, but was a bit alone to manage Bulls. Paul Pierce added only 16 points to help his team to stay in the game.

Chicago chemistry was clearly better than Celtics chemistry as Bulls passed out 28 assists whereas Celtics only 18. 40% of the Celtics’ assists were obtained by the point guard Rondo.

The Bulls bench outscored Celtics production 37 -16. Our veteran friend Nate Robinson erupted for 18 points off the bench, hitting five 3-pointers, including some fourth-quarter buckets. Robinson singlehandedly trounced Boston’s entire bench (16 points)

Is Rajon Rondo slowing down his production ?

Rajon Rondo failed to record double-digit assists for the 2nd consecutive game tonight. This is a bad news for Celtics fans.

It’s the first time he’s failed to record double-digit assists in consecutive games since March 7-9 of last season.

Celtics need clearly double-digit production made by Rajon Rondo.

This night was historic for Noah.

Noah with his outstanding performance enters in the history of the Bulls. He joins another epic boy with his triple double , as Dennis Rodman, the toughest guy that I have ever seen in the NBA , on January 16 , 1996 vs the 76ers was the last primary Bulls frontcourt competitor to post a triple double in a game.

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