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LeBron And Michael, Together for the best


James during a current 18-0 run is shooting 60.2 % from the floor, while Jordan during his 18-0 run with Bulls netted 50.9 % from the floor ?

So who is the best in shooting skills ?

With the hot Miami Heat topping at ease the Pacers on showcase night, LeBron James matched the longest win streak ever (18) by a team Michael Jordan was on, the 1995-96 Bulls. Here’s at look at each star’s performance during his respective team’s streak.

For lovers of Chicago’s hegemony, Bulls were pretty unbeaten during the 1995-1996 season.

During what a lot Chicago fans call the “perfect season,” Michael Jordan and the Bulls cruised to an NBA record 72 wins during the regular season, a stretch that have seen an exciting 18-game win streak. Weel, do you know the name of the team which decided to stop Bull’s streak ? Do you want a clue ? This team played on Pepsi Center at home …

Jordan and James by figures during their 18 win streak.

Jordan James
W-L 18-0 18-0
PPG 31.2 27.2
RPG 6.8 7.7
APG 3.8 7.4
FG pct. 50.9 60.2
High pts. 48 40
— ESPN Stats & Information

From Elias:

The Heat posted a 18-game win streak into yesterday’s game against the Pacers. A key figure emerges to emphase LeBron James.

LeBron with the new Heat win, has now the longest win streak by a reigning MVP in NBA history.

Longest Win Streak By Reigning MVP – NBA History

2012-13 LeBron James 18

1995-96 David Robinson 17

2006-07 Steve Nash 17

1990-91 Magic Johnson 16

2006-07 Steve Nash 16

That list breaks the house down, does not break it ?

A long road to be the best …

The streak ties the seventh longest in NBA history, and is the league’s best since the Celtic’s Big Four, Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Rondo won 19 straight in November and December 2008.

Well, it’s not a King James winning streak. It’s a Miami Heat winning streak. Chemistry is the key. Yeah, in that game LeBron James was in pain , but he was able to make teammates better. LeBron James had only 13 points on 5-for-10 shooting Sunday. James was primarily being guarded by famished Paul George against whom he went 2-for-5 with two turnovers.

The 13 points were his fewest since February 6, 2011 when he had 12 against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Can we see the end of that impressive streak ?

With the Miami Heat setting a new franchise record for consecutive wins at 15 with their March 4 victory at Minnesota, and extending it to 18 with a March 10 victory vs Pacers . What a tremendous hegemony to top every team !

Sources to achieve this article :, ESPN.COM, Sport illustrated, daily time, hoopdatas, basketballreference, and passion for sure !


Lebron James is rolling in deep with his shooting selection and he is producing  many versatile copies.



Just look at James’s numbers please ! James has 21 double-doubles and 2 triple-doubles but  missed often that performance for only one assist.

Barrier breaker !

Lebron James is the first player in the league to drop at least 30 points and shoot at least 60 percent in six straight games.

I love watching LeBron James running the floor and go to the basket to throw down spectacular dunks.

This night, LeBron James dropped 30 points , 9 dimes and collected 6 boards vs Blazers. James is the top leader in versatile games. James holds an NBA high 16 games with 30 pts, 5 assists and 5 rebounds. Kevin Durant a warrior for MVP Title is second , 6 games behind with a double-digit production of 10.

Stronger than Jordan ? Oh, be patient, MJ who will turn on 50 years and has 6 NBA titles. LeBron James has only one ring.

james é

For this game against Portland Trail Blazers  a team highlighted by a surprising first year boy , called Damian Lillard.

Blazers have seen who is Lebron James. Damian Lillard was terrific with a game high of 33 units.  So far,It was the 25th time Lillard scored more than 20 points this season, adding to his rookie-of-the-year credentials. Sure Lillard is the top rookie.

Well, tremendous stats continue to pile up for LeBron James. And there seems to be no end . We are the witness of such an unique player !  James is rolling deep and Heat are furious.  It’s a 6th consecutive win for Floridian guys.

LeBron is finding his way in paint to increase his percentage.

James is phenomenal in shooting choice.

He has made 66 of his last past 92 shoots. Now he stands alone in an exercise who only Malone and Dantley succeeded to collect 5 consecutive game with 30 points or more while shooting 60% from the floor.

Copyright NBAE 2013 (Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

Most Consecutive Games with 30+ Points and 60+ FG percent – NBA History

LeBron James 6 (active) 2012-13
Moses Malone 5 1981-82
Adrian Dantley 5 1979-80

ESPN Stats & Information

” That’s why  he is who he is ” said his coach Erik Spoelstra ” The best player in the game ”

Also to win this game, the trident Bosh , Wade, and … were pretty good and collected together an amazing total of 86 points, while shooting 32 for 49 from the field. In union we trust !

It was the 1000th regular season win in heat history after a total of 1969 games.  Now Miami is .058%.

Miami has been in the Nba since 1989 and was sometimes in trouble to win games. But now  , Bosh, Wade, James are making the history of South Beach ! But the story of the night is for sure, the new accomplishment made by LeBron James.

ok bureau sddq

MIAMI, FL – FEBRUARY 12: LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat brings the ball up court against the Portland Trail Blazers on February 12, 2013 at American Airlines Arena in Miami,  Copyright NBAE 2013 (Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

Is Lebron James able to expand his current streak ?

No Slowing down please  LeBron !

Please share and vote !

The Heat and Thunder meet for the second and final match-up this season. The HEAT won their previous match-up earlier this season on Christmas Day, 103-97, in Miami.

Is it the end of a great player ?

Jason Kidd has been silent for almost two seasons in triple doubles.

This season has seen 25 triple doubles posted by 18 different players and Jason Kidd is not on that list. Is Jason Kidd able to produce a triple double at almost 40 to  join  point guard Rajon Rondo, Jose Calderon, J.Holiday who dropped triple doubles this season.

The injured Rajon Rondo paces the league in triple double with 5. And Celtics are 23-5 when Rondo makes a triple doubles.

This season Rajon Rondo overtook KG’s 16th career regular season triple-doubles. He tied Bryant’s career triple doubles with 18.

Rajon Rondo will missed the entire season ! I hope to see him in post season but human body is not a toy.

Resting is necessary after a ACL injury.

To be healthy , Rondo will undergo surgery on his torn right ACL in the next 10-to-14 days, as the swelling in his knee will take some time to dwindle, Sports Illustrated reports.

Jason Kidd  rested during the Mavs’ regular-season finale, which means that he failed to record a triple-double in a season for the first time in his 18-year career.

Now in this 19-year career, he did not success to record a triple doubles with Big Apple. He will turn 40 years old on Mar 23, 1973.

However I hope to see Kidd complete another triple menace production for my pleasure.

I like to see this kind of performance in a basketball game to recognize  the best players able to push the ball, to find teammates for easy buckets, score baskets, and last but not least be able to protect the glass by pulling down safety inbound.

The main question of this paper is to see if Jason Kidd is able to produce this performance again for a last dance.

For me , if you consider figures, Kidd is 7,7 ppg, 3,7 apg 4,1 rpg, in 27.9 minutes per game !

It would be very complicate to make a double digits production in three categories during a game for the veteran player.

Kidd is not young, and energy would lack to complete this performance.

Kidd scored only three points Monday in 20 minutes, but at least his back injury doesn’t appear to be serious. He will continue to have limited fantasy value due to his limited playing time.

Saturday 1/26 in a loss vs Philadelphia It marked just the 3rd time in Jason Kidd’s career to have 0 points AND 0 assists in a game. He had also 0 points and 0 assists in the Knicks’ loss to the Bulls earlier this season on Fri 1/11.

Kidd has shown his constancy since he joined the NBA in 1994-1995 season  drafted at the 1st round, 2nd by DALLAS seeking for an elite point guard.

And they found it ! Kidd was a guy in which a team could rely on during almost 20 years.

Kidd played in 1356 contests and has 107 regular season triple doubles. Has has 11 post season triple doubles in 146 crucial games.

Kidd was in rolling since the start of his career,  as he began his rookie season by posting 4 triple doubles.

Look this table to see how prolific the San Francisco was during his successful career.




1 ST












5 TH















10 TH















15 TH

















Kidd came within one point of a triple-double when he had 10 rebounds and 12 assists in a win over the Golden State Warriors with Dallas.

His 107 career triple-doubles rank behind only Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson in NBA history and are more than the combined total of the next four active triple-double leaders (LeBron James, Grant Hill, Kobe Bryant, Rajon Rondo).

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Kidd’s 17 consecutive seasons with a triple-double is by far the longest such streak in NBA history. Next on that list: Johnson (12), Robertson (11), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (10) and Larry Bird (9).

Rajon Rondo is the best young player in this exercise

Memories of the last post season with big games of Rajon Rondo.

Rajon Rondo made plenty of history in the Boston Celtics’ 90-84 overtime win over the Atlanta Hawks.

Rondo became the first player in NBA history with at least 17 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists and four steals in a playoff game, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Elias also tells us he’s the first player in NBA history to record a triple-double in a playoff game after missing his team’s previous game.

Rondo’s ten career playoff triple-doubles are the second best  LeBron James is third with 8 the among active players. both players Rondo and James  under 30 are trailing only veteran Jason Kidd’s 11.

Rondo really steps his game up in the playoffs. He notches triple-doubles more than three times as often in the playoffs as he does in the regular season.

He’s done so once every 26 games in the regular season, but once every 9 games in the playoffs.

Most Career Playoff Triple-Doubles
NBA History

Magic Johnson 30
Larry Bird 11
Wilt Chamberlain 9
Oscar Robertson 8
>>Source: Elias Sports BureauCAPS : Active Players

Per Elias, Rondo’s seven triple-doubles in his first 75 playoff games is tied with Kidd for the fourth-most in NBA history.

Only Magic Johnson (18), Wilt Chamberlain (8) and Oscar Robertson (8) had more in their first 75 playoff games.

Only five players in NBA history have more than Rondo’s seven career playoff triple-doubles. Magic Johnson (30) is the all-time leader in that category.

Rondo has etched his name in playoff book by joining an elite list of NBA all-time greats.

From Elias: Rajon Rondo’s triple-double on Friday was his 3rd straight against the Hawks. Rondo is the first player to have a triple-double in 3 straight games vs one team since Jason Kidd did it against the Bobcats (1/4/08 to 2/8/08)
Rajon Rondo has 15 triple-doubles since start of last season (including playoffs). The next-most in NBA in that span is LeBron James with 3.

Are the Celtics actually better without Rajon Rondo ?

Yes, they’re much more cohesive on the floor

No, don’t be ridiculous — he is their best

Motion would be answered in a next paper.


 On November 7th 2012 , the Pistons frontcourt player G.Monroe scored 21 points on 8-15 shooting, grabbed 12 rebounds, and handed out a career-high 11 assists.

He posted the first triple double in the 2012-2013 season.

Monroe was also 5-7 from the free throw line and even added a steal to the stat sheet. In terms of fantasy basketball, Monroe is proving to be the lone star on a lousy Pistons team and owners are benefiting greatly from it.

Greg Monroe became the first player on the Pistons to record a triple-double since Chauncey Billups accomplished the feat way back in 2004.

Picture from Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

This was the first triple-double by a Pistons center since Ben Wallace recorded one back in 2002 against the Miami Heat with 12 points, 19 rebounds, and 10 blocks.

16 triples doubles are in the books now for lovers of fantasy basketball

R. Rondo and Spanish  point guard Calderon pace the league with two

6 triple doubles were dropped by point guard , the best position in my eyes to have double digits in basketball , because you can share the ball , but you have to be healthy and clever to take advantage of the glass when big guys are roaring.

Since 1999-2000, the NBA has seen 34,5 triple-doubles by season , or 1 every 36 games !

The 11-12 season does not count because of the cut of the calendar because of the strike.

Jason Kidd stays today the best in this art with 107 triples double collected in regular games.

Oscar Robertson is the first with 181, Magic Johnson owned 138.

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd can at ease share the ball, score and collect rebounds to reach double digit in these three main fields to help the team to win a game.

A triple-double is  a tough indication of an excellent all-around individual performance during a game.

To make a jump trough the long story of the NBA, Dolph Schayes might have registered the first triple double in 1951 on February 8 behind 18 points22 rebounds and 13 assists according to the Harvey J. Pollack NBA Statistical Yearbook.


lebron james

Lebron James 31 points,10 rebonds, 9 passes,   a frôlé le triple double la nuit dernière, mais il n’aura pu éviter la défaite de Miami contre New York 92 à 112.

Un écart de 20 points à l’arrivée. Erik Spoelstra, le coach de Miami devra trouver les mots pour relancer les siens, avec 2 défaites d’affilée, le Heat doit se remettre au travail.

La statistique collective de la nuit est pour New York :

Avec 18 trois points convertis , Les Knicks ont fait voler en éclat la défense  des floridiens. Avec 34 tirs tentés , ils ont joué les maîtres artificiers.

Raymond Felton , 27 points , 7 passes, deuxième meilleur marqueur de la rencontre à été impressionnant au scoring.

Le meneur rondouillard 1,85 mètres pour 93 kilos a pesé sur la rencontre .

Ce dernier a été très adroit derrière l’arc avec un joli 6 sur 10. Il égalise ainsi son record en carrière.

Info de la nuit :

Les protégés de Mike Woodson s’empare de la tête de la Conférence Est avec une 5ème victoire de rang.


Match of the night: The New York Knicks defeated the Miami Heat by 112-92  Thursday at AmericanAirlines Arena. Another 20-point Knicks win.

Miami was stunned by a very good team this night.

Big Apple with 18 3 point  field goals made was on fire. Despite a huge performance ,King James  was alone . This is the first defeat at the triple A for the Heat this season.

Raymond Felton, 27 pooints, was the best behind the arc , with 6 points goals made. He ties his career best. Felton was one of six New York players to score in double-figures. Steve Novak scored 18 points off the bench while J.R. Smith added 13 points.