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Curry was the catalyser of his team. He finished the first round with 23 3-Pt Field Goals connected. 146 pts were scored by him ! Well helped by J.Jack, Curry was a strong tool to ruin Denver. 

1 Stephen Curry 24 6 239 .468 23 .434 1.000 24 26 56 20 146
2 Jarrett Jack 29 6 228 .526 4 .308 .906 26 31 42 24 113
3 Harrison Barnes 20 6 213 .457 13 .406 .857 29 33 7 4 89
4 Klay Thompson 22 6 246 .463 12 .343 .667 19 22 11 13 88
5 Carl Landry 29 6 126 .500 0 .864 16 24 5 10 77


Check out the best Warriors during the first round 

What an accomplishment made by Mark Jackson and his fellows ! Curry, Jack , Barnes were everywhere on the floor to push the young team (25,3 years old on average ) Only the Rockets with an average of 24,4 are younger. Mark Jackson can be proud of his team.

Mark Jackson is the right man in the right place

David Lee’s injury during the opener of the series was not a problem to solve Denver’s equation. Golden State with 643 points, 107,2 pts per game is  the only team to shoot with at least 40% behind the arc during the post season ( 59 – 147 ). David Lee just played 30 minutes during the serie, with 10 points and 15 rebounds.  Well, How They’ve won without the all star Lee.

If you’re looking at how the Warriors have won three straight, you have to start with the baby-faced assassin: Stephen Curry.

Entering the playoffs, I thought the Denver Nuggets had a fair chance of reaching the NBA Finals. Even without Danilo GallinariGeorge Karl‘s team seemed like the kind of machine that would just replace the missing cog with guys like Wilson ChandlerEvan Fournier and Corey Brewer. I didn’t give the Golden State Warriors much thought and once David Lee went down, I thought the series would last four, maybe five games. About a week later, Nuggets fans and I are sitting here scratching our heads and wondering how a Warriors team without its All-Star power forward has pushed Denver to the brink of elimination. After you know the history. Warriors are in the next round.

The great component of the Warriors’ success is Stephen Curry and his magnificent play. In three consecutive games won by Golden State, Curry was averaging 30 points, 10.3 assists, 4.7 rebounds, and three steals while shooting 55 percent from the floor and 50 percent from 3-point range  to pace the second youngest team in the post season. People, those numbers are just whopping. Especially when you consider all the efforts Denver has made defensively to prevent Curry from taking over the way he has.

It’s time to celebrate it

Behind a crucial home win vs Nuggets,  Golden State reaches NBA 2nd Round.  The Golden State Warriors became the first National Basketball Association team this postseason to wrap up a playoff series at home, and the Brooklyn Nets won on the road to force a decisive Game 7 tomorrow against Chicago.

The point guard Stephen Curry the MVP of this series  netted 14 of his 22 points in the third act as the Warriors defeated the Denver Nuggets 92-88 to complete a four-games-to-two series victory and advance to face the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference’s second round.

Spurs – Warriors is the next series

Golden State will be playing in the second round of the playoffs only for the second time in 22 years. Game 1 of the Warriors-Spurs series is set for May 6 in San Antonio.

Curry had eight straight points, including consecutive 3- pointers, as the Warriors took the lead for good early in the third quarter and built the margin to as many as 18 points in the fourth period before surviving a late Denver rally.

The Nuggets used a 13-0 run to whittle the margin to five points and got within two points in the final minute as the Warriors missed shots and committed 10 turnovers in the final period. Nuggets have missed their first round. Karl was overcoached by the rookie Mark Jackson as head coach.

“God has a sense of humor, because he wanted to show folks at the end as we threw the ball all over the place,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said in a news conference. “It’s only a miracle that we advanced.”

Lee’s notable minute

Andrew Bogut , posted up 14 points and 21 rebounds for the Warriors, who got a cameo appearance from All-Star forward David Lee — who played one minute in his return to the court after hurting his hip in the opening game of the series.

Jackson, who played guard for the Knicks in 1987-92 and 2000-02, said his decision to play Lee was in part homage to Hall of Famer Willis Reed, who limped onto the court and hit two baskets for the Knicks early in Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I guess the New York City in me, the Willis Reed impact as a kid, really played a role,” the Warriors coach told reporters. “Not only did I put him in, but I ran a play for him for a shot, just about where Willis hit his shot.”

The Warriors are often weird . Weird and spectacular and inexperienced and exuberant and inconsistent — I want to say, really, really fun to watch.  With the confetti snowfall filling the air of Oracle after the final buzzer, it was easy to drift back to Game 2, when Jackson talked to his players in the huddle during a timeout. “In case I forget to tell you guys,” he said, “I love you.” Jackson is the soul of the team ! Indeed the Game 2 won on Denver was the key game of that series.

League Playoffs : Check it out !

Eastern Conference First Round (3-3): Chicago Bulls tied with Brooklyn Nets
Eastern Conference First Round (3-2): Indiana Pacers over Atlanta Hawks
Eastern Conference First Round (4-0): Miami Heat over Milwaukee Bucks
Eastern Conference First Round (3-2): New York Knicks over Boston Celtics
Western Conference First Round (4-2): Golden State Warriors over Denver Nuggets
Western Conference First Round (3-2): Memphis Grizzlies over Los Angeles Clippers
Western Conference First Round (3-2): Oklahoma City Thunder over Houston Rockets
Western Conference First Round (4-0): San Antonio Spurs over Los Angeles Lakers


Curry ( 15 pts ) was well stopped by Denver’s defense. Dirty plays said Mark  Jackson ! 

The  offensive Nuggets finally looked like themselves this series. By topping the Warriors 107-100, the Nuggets not only staved off elimination, but grabbed some momentum in the process. They finally find a solution to display theirs skills. Yeah they were terrific in the paint to play the game they fancy.

Nearly every Nugget win this season saw the same trends develop and this game was no different. Denver scored 50 points in the paint, forced 17 Warrior turnovers (which they turned into 19 points), and worked the offensive glass to grab 15 offensive rebounds (which they turned into 20 points). When Denver can control these three aspects of the game, they become almost unbeatable as the Warriors found out. Warriors had not solution in that  game.

The star of that game was the versatile forward Andre Iguodala who put up a LeBron  James type line, stuffing the stat sheet with a team high 25 points while grabbing 12 rebounds and dishing out 7 dimes. Iguodala was all over the floor, flashing his versatility by playing a lot of point forward and creating shots for himself and his teammates off the dribble.

Outside of Iguodala, it was a real team effort from Denver who got several strong contributions up and down their roster. Six players scored in double-digits, with Wilson Chandler‘s 19 points via some very good outside shooting helping to create spacing for Ty Lawson (who also scored 19) to create off the dribble and attack the interior of the Warriors’ defense.

But while the Nuggets on the floor clearly picked up their respective games to pick up this win, a lot of credit has to go to head George Karl for pushing the right buttons and making some effective adjustments. Karl switched up his starting lineup, going to JaVale McGee at Center to play next to Kenneth Faried in the front court. McGee’s activity in defending the paint allowed the Denver’s wing defenders to pressure the ball and shoot the gap into passing lanes and create turnovers.

With the series heading back to Oakland, it remains to be seen if Denver has actually figured things out to the point that they can still pull out the series. But, even if it was just for one night, the Nuggets finally resembled the team they were from the regular season; the team that was favored to win this series.

Pistol Pete Maravich is more than a  basketball virtuoso !

The former best basketball player died on January 5, 1988 at the age of 40 years old, while he was playing a quiet recreational basketball game with Dr. James Dobson and other friends in Pasadena in California.

Later, an autopsy unveiled that Pete was victim of a rare congenital heart failure. What a sad lost for his family and his friends.  All of the lovers of the man and his basketball gifts were inconsolable !  

And my first meeting with Pistol was… !

Unfortunately I saw the light  in 1990 , and I have never had the chance to see Pistol Pete playing basketball in live. When I saw  Pistol Pete Maravich on NBA TV during a vintage report I discovered  this amazing boy for the first time , dropping shoot after shoot  without feeling the fear of the game like nobody before.

I was a ten-year old little boy looking for a historical player while I was amazed by pugilisms of  Jordan, Miller, Pippen, Payton and other greatest.  I was playing basketball and I developed a great love for long shoot exercises to kill basketball players and struggle against myself.

Are you a baller ?

And since this day, I have been looking for a faith and i finally find it in sport and more precisely in basketball throughout the NBA history  directed by the most popular  broadcasters.  Rome was not built-in one day. Traditions and Good manners continue to stand today. I would like to thank you every contributors who are  trying to push the limits of the human spirit.

A steep in history to understand what today represents

I know that I’m making a  large digression but I sharply think that NBA is not what you only watch daily on TV or on You Tube, it’s more than just basketball ! Because the former players are still at large broadcasting games or analyzing it and are applaused by spectators  . Indeed They pass the ball to give to the community. Sharing the ball is the key and I love it !

They are not on the court but next generations need to honor them, because they gave you emotions and trounce your heart during their best fights. Sport is  the vector of universal union !

Two books to reinforce my  idea to be a truly baller according to my goals

Recently I read two  magnificent books , on the one hand ” They Cleared the Lane” written by Ron Thomas dealing with the first NBA’s Black Pioneers who managed courageously to admit black players in NBA to write one of the best book of the history of the NBA.   And on the other hand, the second book , the “own autobiography  of Mike James”.  If you think that the key is to fight for your dreams like Mike James wrote on his autobiography. Don’t give up !

Mike details sharply the hard work , determination and constant struggle to make it in a business that many desire but only few succeed. Is it the American dream ?

I reply not, it’s your personal dream. Writing and working for this article I try to make my passion and my dedication sweat to attack you in my world. Basketball is what I fancy, but I love the backstage and I want to be an encyclopedia of basketball to reach my goals !

After playing a  large digression let’s return to the real game with Pistol

Pete was victim of his passion for the game. ” I feel really great ” he said. Seconds later, he collapsed on the floor while breathing for the last time.

The legend of Pistol Pete began with remarkable stories of a dude who was  in love with basketball. He was totally obsessed with the game. Crazy of basketball , he practised again and again to perfectly handle the ball !

” I was so dedicated to perfecting my skills that when Mom came in to wish me good night , I was shooting the ball to the ceiling and catching it ” Pistol stated.

He developed his  outstanding capacities by drilling the ball on his two-mile walks to town, alternating hands to become equally adept with both. Hardworking and work ethic and pugnacity are for me the best qualities of Pistol Pete Maravich. Press Maravich, who saw the origins of the professional basketball , his father ,was a overwhelming factor to offer a good science of the game to his son Pistol.

He was known to routinely dribble the ball while riding  a cycle. As his father drive the family car, at varying speeds , Pete would certainly  hang out the window and dribble to practise in every situation. What a risk to try that fantasy tricks ! In his many videos, he advises to try everything to be able to handle the body in every game situation to be clutch. Pistol Pete is definitely a game changer !

3667 points in college for LSU

As a student at Louisiana State University, Pistol established scoring records that still stand today and would probably never be broken  because of the evolution of the game. In Maravich’s senior year, he averaged an impressive 44,5 points per contest , and also set the all-time NCAA career scoring record with 3,667 points before the introduction of the 3 point shot ! I let you imagine how many points he would score with the 3 point contribution.

For me , Pistole Pete stays and would stay the best college  player off all-time as he easily dropped fancy shoots and run the court like nobody in this period. For his prolific career he received  the Naismith Award (male)  in 1970.

Top 10 NCAA players – #1 Pistol Pete Maravich

Among the greatest scorer in the NBA

After a prolific successful college career he was drafted by Atlanta Hawks in 1970 ! He was resented by other rookies players because he was the first rookie in the NBA to get a 1 million contract to play professional basketball !

In the best league the National Basketball League created in 1949 , Maravich continued to display his wonderful play. He was chosen twice during his 10-year professional career to the All-Star team. Last but not least,  he was the youngest player ever elected to the Hall of Fame in 1987 , one year before he died ,while playing in a pickup three-on-three game in a California gym.

In 1976-1977 season  Maravich produced his best basketball as a professional. He played in 73 regular seasons games and led the NBA in scoring with a career-best 31.1 ppg. He dropped 40 or more points 13 times, and he paced the league in total points (2,273).

Maravich with his 68 points established the best scoring mark for a guard.

Maravich’s 68 vs.Knicks Shot-By-Shot[2/25/77] in Video

On Feb. 25, 1977, he pitched in 68 points in a game against the New York Knicks Five All Stars despite the efforts of defensive warrior Walt Frazier to bottle him up. Maravich’s show ranks as the 11th-best single-game total in NBA history.

The 1976-1977 season was a great season and opened the road to new teams

To be complete with the history , the 1976-1977 season saw a lot of new facts. The NBA’s main rival league, the American Basketball Association, joined with the NBA in the ABA–NBA merger.

Four ABA franchises completed the NBA: the New York Nets, the Indiana Pacers, the San Antonio Spurs one of the best constant  team in post season .They have made the playoffs in 21 of the last 22 seasons, and have not missed the playoffs in the 15 seasons since Tim Duncan was drafted by the Spurs in 1997 , and the Denver Nuggets.

And The Portland Trail Blazers won the championship in the first year that they appeared in the postseason . They also become the second team in history (after the 1969 Celtics) to win the NBA Finals after dropping the first two games.  They topped the Philadelphia 76ers 4 games to 2 in the NBA Finals and Bill Walton was elected the MVP Finals.

Oregon is in love with his basketball team.

This year showed how popular was the Oregon Team. Starting on April 5 of that year, the team began an impressive sellout streak of 814 straight games—the longest in sports history—which did not end until 1995, after the team moved into a larger facility the Rose Garden.

The Memorial Coliseum was the former team’s home court, capable of seating nearly 13,000 when organized for basketball.

The Rose Garden opened on October 12, 1995 and has a capacity of 19,980 spectators when configured for basketball and averaged and attendance of 19,773 spectators in this season  (2012-2013) in 15 regular season games.

Boston Celtics was his last basketball theater

In his last campaign 1979-1980 with his many rusty skills , his old knees , and his minutes limited-Pistol Pete Maravich finally got a chance to fire three-pointers. He successfully  bombed 10-for-15 to finish with the uniform of the prestigious Boston Celtics.

Maravich among the best players.

Maravich was a  constant deadly accurate long-range shooter during his career, but  he had never played in a league, college or pro, with the benefit of the three-point shot. All of his many points had come on two-pointers, even when launched from a long distance. In 1979-80, the NBA finally admitted the three-point line.

He finally exploded with 15.948 points in 658 games and dished out a total of 3563 assists.

He converted 6187 field goals for a total of 14025 attempts which mean a beautiful .441 %. He was never below the .40 % in his career. This stat shows all the confidence  he has in his dangerous game .In 37 minutes per game, he averaged 9.4 field goals converted from 21.3 tried and produced a prolific average of 24.2 points per game.

The fancy shoot was his trademark

He was .441 at the shoot, 66.7 behind he arc , and 82.0 with the free throw.

But he only played in 26 playoff games and scored only 487 points in crucial seasons.

Maravich was cited by the Hall as “certainly the greatest creative offensive weapon in history In an April 2010 interview, Hall of Fame player John Havlicek legend of Boston Celtics announced “the best ball-handler of all time was (Pete) Maravich.”

A new life after basketball

When he retired from professional basketball in 1980 because of injuries , Pete intense training program and pursuit of win was over !  But, he needed some other reason to exist.

He found his way in religion after many experiences in astrology, astronomy, mysticism, nutrition and UFO’s.

What a strange decision  to choose that kind of thinks totally different to sport ! He decided to do it at 100% !

His relationship with Jesus Christ

He finally seen Jesus Christ on his road to stay in live and continue to believe in something.  That complex connexion created of new life for him and gave him a new purpose that even game never provided.

In his last years , he devoted his time to helping and advising young people through summer camps and instructional videos that you can find nowadays thanks to YouTube and the World Wide Web. He was sharing his testimony while teaching them about the science of basketball.

His best testimony is his autobiography , Heir To Dream , which chronicles evoke his amazing life and his belief in Christ.

Nowadays, He is loved as a sports legend to millions of fans around the world. And furthermore he was remembered as an endless source of encouragement and wise advice to friends and young  people. Hardworking and patience are the keys to be the master in a field.

Last words to close the  Pistol’s chapter which is still alive

In my eyes, he represented the embodiment of deep-rooted vintage basketball and he ‘s more a guard than a point guard the position whom he played during his career for me.

college record by Maravich

Totals Shooting Per Game
1966-67 19 LSU 17 273 604 195 234 176 741 .452 .833 43.6 10.4
1967-68 20 LSU 26 432 1022 274 338 195 1138 .423 .811 43.8 7.5
1968-69 21 LSU 26 433 976 282 378 169 1148 .444 .746 44.2 6.5
1969-70 22 LSU 31 522 1168 337 436 174 1381 .447 .773 44.5 5.6
Career 83 1387 3166 893 1152 538 3667 .438 .775 44.2 6.5
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Discover the great Pistol throughout this mix video

Danilo Gallinari

Picture from

Danilo Gallinari the 24 years old italian good-looking guy sank seven 3 pointers and dropped a career night 39 points.

He’s the most fecund player of the night with 39 units.

The Mavericks registered their fifth straight loss. Defense is their big issue.

Andre Iguodala, the versatile combo guard-forward was pretty efficient with 20 points. He connected 4 field goal from long-range.

Kenneth Faried , the monster forward had an other double double with 11 points and a game-high 19 rebounds to clean the glass.

The Arc was the private space of Denver

Denver made 12 of 28 from behind the arc.  Mavs were clumsy making only 5 of 25.

Nowitzki thinks Danilo is a great player.

“He was one of the best players in the game,” Gallinari, a 6-foot-10 forward from Italy, said of the 7-foot Nowitzki from Germany. “So you always try to follow and learn from the best.