Paul becomes first Clippers ever to win All-Star MVP

Posted: 2013/02/18 in award, News
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Paul is the first Clippers to lift the trophy of the All-Star MVP

A trophy is a reward for a specific achievement, and serves as recognition or evidence of merit.

Yes that night, Paul deserved his trophy as he was terrific and unselfish to offer tremendous moves.

The Facts

Why did Chris Paul become the MVP that night ?

Chris Paul All star MVP

Chris Paul did exactly what to do with the great talents around him in Sunday’s NBA All-Star game: find at ease the open man and make the show bigger and pace the game.

He made 7-of-10 shots, including four 3-pointers, and only became the third player to drop at least 20 points and 15 assists in the annual showcase, joining a couple of former elite point guards, called Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas, the best point guards in the 90’S.

A big Season with Clippers

Paul became the first Los Angeles Clippers player to be named MVP, scoring 20 points and collecting 15 dimes in the West’s 143-138 win over the East.

The first step of  a spectacular game was for…

The first dunk of the game came 16 seconds in a move where Paul handed out a pass to Griffin.

The West led after each of the first three quarters, though was never ahead by more than eight points through three periods.

Serve is my will

Paul said. “A guy like me, that’s a facilitator, I enjoy (it).”

Paul already had the best per-game assists average in All-Star history, 12.4 in four appearances.

He already had nine dimes and plenty of fancy dribbling in the first half.

But with so many stars to choose from, Paul could spread it around…

Paul also pitched assists to Kevin Durant, who finished with 30 units for another big all star game. Also CP3 liked providing teammates , like Griffin and more..

A crafty player able to steal and share

Paul, leading the league this season with 2.59 steals per game, tailed four in the All-Star game.

“He had great passes, (was) making steals, made big buckets,” Durant said. “He played a hell of a game. It was a pleasure playing with him.”

Paul is averaging 9.6 dimes – second to Boston’s  clever Rajon Rondo – in his second season with the  rising Clippers. More significantly, he’s led the Clippers to a 39-17  overall record and he, Blake Griffin and “Lob City” have helped their franchise steal some of the L.A. spotlight from the floundering Lakers, who  currently sit 10th in the Western Conference with an unbalanced team which is looking for a post season appearance in a tough Western Conference.

Western Conference
San Antonio 42 12 0.778 0.0 22-8 11-2 22-2 20-10 9-1 W 3
Oklahoma City 39 14 0.736 2.5 27-7 5-3 23-4 16-10 6-4 L 2
L.A. Clippers 39 17 0.696 4.0 26-9 8-4 21-5 18-12 6-4 W 4
Memphis 33 18 0.647 7.5 19-13 4-5 21-8 12-10 6-4 W 3
Denver 33 21 0.611 9.0 22-11 5-5 22-3 11-18 7-3 L 3
Golden State 30 22 0.577 11.0 15-17 5-5 16-7 14-15 4-6 L 5
Utah 30 24 0.556 12.0 17-18 5-4 20-6 10-18 6-4 W 2
Houston 29 26 0.527 13.5 12-20 4-7 18-8 11-18 6-4 L 1
Portland 25 28 0.472 16.5 16-16 5-4 17-8 8-20 3-7 L 5
L.A. Lakers 25 29 0.463 17.0 14-19 5-5 16-11 9-18 6-4 L 1

“You just want to play fast,” Paul said. “I like to throw the lob. I like to see guys hit 3s. When you’re out on the court with all that firepower, why wouldn’t you want to make passes?” said Chris Paul.


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