Faried grabs MVP for Team Chuck with 40 points

Posted: 2013/02/16 in award, News, the stat of the night
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Faried of the Denver Nuggets is the new BBVA Rising Stars Challenge MVP.

Team Chuck 163, Team Shaq 135

The second year , the Manimal  literally crashed the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge all right and all night, winning the game’s MVP Award for the first time. He played  his basketball with his  intense dunks, and not only in the final 90 seconds or so, when both sides did not play defense and mostly stood and watched one player car down the runway on either side of basket . Kyrie Irving, a rising star was pretty good with 32 units but not enough to overcome Faried’s 40 points.

Chemistry was in favor of Chuck side.

Team Chuck really outscored Team Shaq 42 -28 in a key sector , ” the assists house ” .

Ricky Rubio and I.Thomas contributed for 20 flashy dimes.

I.Thomas was the best player of the game in +/- with a huge advantage of  +30.

That night, Rubio and Faried liked playing together. How timely ! Will Rubio and Faried play together for a big NBA team, for one day ?

• Rubio hits Faried on the oop

Faried  seriously attacked the rim and secured big boards like nobody, too, collecting a big double-double with 40 points and 10 rebounds in 22 minutes for the winning lineup as Team Chuck (Barkley)  seriously outlast Team Shaq (O’Neal) 163-135 in the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge in HOUSTON, Texas.

Shaq must be in the dumps, because he loathes losing. He’s a winner.

Team Chuck was more aggressive and played better to beat Team Shaq.

Faried was the MVP, but the Cavaliers were in majority.

Indeed, four  members of the rotation in Cleveland were on the court in Houston: Tristan Thompson for Team Chuck and Kyrie Irving, Tyler Zeller and Dion Waiters for Team Shaq. Irving, a reserve for the Eastern Conference in the  great All-Star Game on Sunday, had 32 points, six assists, five rebounds .

But how about the defense ? Defense is not a priority in that kind of contest.  Yes , spectacular moves are wanted by players and spectators. We love watching energy in offensive possessions, but some defensive actions can be asked to make the game and reinforce the will to win !

And what do you think about the defense ?

“Not in the first half,” Zeller stated.

Team Chuck tailed 90 points by then while shooting 66.1 percent. At the break, Faried scored already 19 points and Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings added 14 while going a perfect 4-for-4 from behind the arc. After the defense clamped down  after the break, the “Chucks” summarized the game at 63.9 percent.

The players were young and fresh !


Damian Lillard (Portland)
Kyrie Irving (Cleveland)
Andrew Nicholson (Orlando)
Klay Thompson (Golden State)
Harrison Barnes (Golden State)
Chandler Parsons (Houston)
Dion Waiters (Cleveland)
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Charlotte)
Tyler Zeller (Cleveland)
Kemba Walker (Charlotte)
*Andre Drummond (Detroit)

Anthony Davis (New Orleans)
Kenneth Faried (Denver)
Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio)
Bradley Beal (Washington)
Ricky Rubio (Minnesota)
Tristan Thompson (Cleveland)
Nikola Vucevic (Orlando)
Brandon Knight (Detroit)
Isaiah Thomas (Sacramento)
Alexey Shved (Minnesota)


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