Ricky Rubio,the gifted spanish boy,made winning return

Posted: 2012/12/16 in News, notes of the game, recap, the stat of the night
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Picture from http://www.cbc.ca/sports/

For his expected return in the league R.R offered a win for Minnesota Timbervolves.

The genius is the right man in the right place !

Rubio lifted Wolves over Mavs 114 – 106 without  the forward Kevin Love, the double double machine, who was flu.

In only 18 minutes,  he scored 8 points and delivered 9 assists. He was truly efficient for his comeback.

His team finished to copy him ” sharing the ball ” and ” pacing the game ”  as Timberwolves finished with 28 assists to trump Dallas.

Now , Minnesota is 12-9 and wants to play the post-season with a well-balanced team led by a strong bench which adds a fresh soul.

Is it possible for Timberwolves to play without the Spanish talent ?

Rubio is essential for his team. Below you are to understand why thanks to Stats provided by ESPN Stats.

Since he joined the NBA last season, the Timberwolves are really better with Rubio running the court.
They’re over .500 when he plays.And his presence makes a tough difference. Timberwolves are Orphan without Rubio.
Minnesota allows more than 100 points per game when he doesn’t play.
With Without
W-L 22-20 16-29
PPG 98.1 96.8
Opp PPG 96.8 100.2
ESPN Stats & Information

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