Chemistry is the big issue for the Lakers organisation. Bryant must share ball

Posted: 2012/12/07 in Preview, Stats
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lakers organisation

Los Angeles Lakers is 9-10 now and go to  Oklahoma City Thunder 15-4 in order to evaluate the organisation against a potential winner of nba title.

Facts :

Bryant leads the NBA with 28.0 points per contest, but Los Angeles is 1-7 when he scores at least 30.

Durant, who collected 32 pts in Tuesday’s 117-111 victory at Brooklyn, is averaging 26.5. He is the second best in scoring.

Below there are data which explain that basketball is a collective sport.

This season Kobe Bryant scored 532 points , dished out 93 assists and dropped 72 balls.

Game pts/g assists/g turnover/g
19 28 4,9 3,8
Wins 9 22,4 6,7 2,8
Losses 10 33 3,3 4,7

To win Lakers need to share well the ball. In wins Bryant shares more the ball  with 6,7 assists/g  than in losses only 3,3 per game.

Chemistry is the key to have winning streak .


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